Many of you have been asking about my Mexico retreat Jan 20-26 so here’s a general overview of the weekI’m still creating the format so would love your input if you’re coming.

The Day Starts…

We’ll start each day breathing in the ocean Qi right on the beach as we practice ocean qigong. Last retreat we had some locals following along which was fun. After a yummy breakfast of tropical fruits, homemade breads with mango marmalade and egg creations (and of course coffee), our morning session will mostly be qigong. I’m planning to teach snake qigong which is my favorite. It really helps strengthen the shoulders and arms, massages the organs, moves the qi throughout the body, slims the body and is beneficial for the back and joints. This qigong awakens the pelvis and sensual energies which is great for low sexual desire, dryness, menstrual problems, digestion or urinary issues.  We’ll go deeper into internal alchemy and learn how to circulate energy throughout the body to balance hormones and awaken our sexual and creative juices. I used the 6 healing sounds and internal alchemy to heal myself of lyme disease.

Exploring Energy Boundaries

We’ll also be exploring energy boundaries: where do you leak energy, give away your power; what nourishes you and how can you create stronger fields for protection, strength and power?  I’ll be sharing teachings from the Mexican healer, Sergio Magana and Peruvian shamans Ivan/Juan Prado. I use these practices regularly to clear energies that are affecting me, and also to heal pain. These are particularly potent if the discomfort is rooted in emotions that are difficult to release. I’m very excited to teach one Toltec technique that is the most powerful cleansing ritual that I know. I haven’t taught most of these practices before, so I’m looking forward to share these shamanic teachings, which I don’t usually include at my workshops. They are simple but powerful techniques to become a master of your own energy and life.

Evenings at Mar de Jade

I have other fun surprises for some evenings. One night there’s a wonderful band for dancing which brings out the wild women in us all. There’s also an option to do a traditional Mexican sweat lodge which is on site and is a sacred cleansing ritual. Also included in the retreat is a whale excursion out in the beautiful Chacala bay to delight in the whales and their babies. We’ll practice calling them in with our Qi. This is my favorite thing about Mexico at this time of year. I kissed a baby whale one year and even put my head in it’s mouth…what bad breath they have! But the experience shifted me where I felt my third eye open, and I had prophetic and medicine dreams at night for three months! There are also snorkeling, guided hiking, kayaking, and market excursions as well.

Wonderful Surroundings

Chacala Bay MexicoI love Mar de Jade Retreat center because they grow most of their food organically, have freshly caught fish and cater to special diets. It’s delicious, and made with care. Perched on the ocean, the center is quiet with a spa, hot tubs and sauna surrounded by tropical gardens, along with a lovely pool, hammocks on the beach and a long beautiful beach without tourists.

It’s family run and they give back to the community with many programs which is a wonderful plus. The beautifully designed rooms and grounds make it such a lovely place to be without being pretentious.

You can see the wonderful quiet beach here — great for walks, swimming, kayaking, lounging.

And the best news of all, I’m offering a Bring a Friend Discount: $250 off for each of you and if it’s a family member then you get a $500 saving! 

Just go to the link here to sign up or for more info:

Hope to play with you in Mexico!

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