Meet  Deborah

“Learning to heal and nurture ourselves through qigong, sexuality, herbs, and intuitive self-healing are the ancient traditions that I share with women around the world.”

Deborah and Dr. Wang

My Qigong Journey

My passion for medical qigong began when I met my qigong master, Dr. Ren Xu Wang (a surgeon/pathologist and Chinese Qigong master) in acupuncture school, and we ran a medical qigong clinic in the early 1990s in Santa Barbara, California. Despite people coming to our clinic as their last resort, I witnessed infertile women become pregnant, cysts disappear, and even terminally ill cancer patients go into remission. There were many instances where I witnessed miraculous cures and experienced them for myself through both external qi healing and personal practice which made me a firm believer in the power of qigong. Dr. Wang’s primary message, and the guiding principle of my work, is the importance of teaching people to develop their own qi energy to heal and prevent disease and live a long and vibrant life.

This was the beginning of my apprenticeship with Dr. Wang and have worked with him for over thirty years, though now he’s more like my father and best friend.  He has taught me medical qigong for over 40 diseases, and I plan to create an online training to pass this potent information to women who want to teach women’s qigong and carry this lineage of qigong.

Sexuality: The Missing Key to Women’s Health

After years of teaching women’s medical qigong in retreats and workshops and working with my patients in my acupuncture/qigong clinic, I realized I was missing a key component to women’s health. I have seen qigong heal many diseases and imbalances such as menopause, PMS, autoimmune problems, chronic fatigue and even cancer so I know the healing potency of qigong, but what started to draw my attention was hearing women in my retreats share about their loss of sexual desire and many not even caring anymore. They had lost desire for their mate, their sexual juices were dry from menopause and sex was more painful than pleasurable.  This was becoming so prevalent that I finally realized that I had to address sexuality in my women’s retreats.

I had been teaching ovarian breathing/massage and working with the uterine palace, the energy center for women for reproductive vitality, but I wanted a more complete training in sexuality to share with my students. I decided in 2018 to take 2 years off from teaching and take a deep dive into Daoist qigong training. Through qigong, yoga postures, self-massage, internal alchemy and ecstatic breath, I awakened my own dormant sexuality, even without a partner. It brought me to a deeper place of self-love and appreciation which is now the focus of my sexuality coaching. My desire is to help women move from trauma or lack of interest into a sensual and sexual expression in all aspects of her life, especially for middle aged women and beyond.

Deborah Davis

My Innate Gifts

I was born psychic which came through prophetic dreams. Many of these dreams were around death, much like my grandmother experienced. As a teenager, I began exploring meditation, yoga and shamanic healing which led to a lifelong exploration of herbal healing, energetic medicine and indigenous practices in the Americas. I am clairsentient (I just “know”), clairaudient (I “hear” guidance) and kinesthetic so I “feel” what’s going on in my client’s body. Having over thirty years as an acupuncturist and herbalist, I use these skills to give my clients specific health recommendations so they can continue their healing process at home. In my intuitive readings, I also guide clients on relationships, work, creative projects and relocation as well as health. I presently work internationally via phone and zoom as a women’s sexuality coach, women’s qigong teacher/trainer and a medical/lifestyle intuitive.

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