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Nourishing the Body Temple:
Women’s Qigong & Energy Healing Retreat

Mar de Jade Retreat Center, Chacala, Mexico
January 20-26, 2018

If your inner wise woman is ready to be awakened and empowered while profoundly nourished from the inside out, then join Deborah Davis on this powerful healing retreat.

Replenish your Vitality — Awaken Intuition — Activate your Energy Fields

Imagine yourself…

Removed from the noise and distraction of everyday life, you awaken to the sounds of the jungle, refreshed by the sea breeze. Meandering out to your morning session on the beach, you inhale the luscious fragrances of the pendulant exotic flowers. Then, relaxing into the slow, healing movements of qigong, you feel your whole body sink into a deep resonance with the ocean, your body tingling in bliss.

Why come on this transformational healing retreat?

Tired, stressed and yearning for self-nurturance?

Using breath and slow gentle movements, qigong will instantly transport you into a deeply relaxed yet energized state. You will leave with a daily program to help you quickly replace those layers of stress, fatigue and dullness with lifetime habits of relaxation and self-care.

Want to live pain free?

By the end of the retreat, you’ll learn how YOU can heal yourself, and connect with your own inner healer to both prevent and heal pain and disease. You will be able to access universal healing energy and direct it in your body.

Want to attune to the energies in Nature for nourishment and guidance?

You will learn to gather the immense power from the ocean, the wisdom from the trees and even commune with wild animals. Using our energy center, we’ll call in the whales and access their primordial wisdom to help open the 3rd eye for spiritual awakening. Through these practices, you can receive knowledge through your waking and dream states.

Learning qigong from Deborah has been one of the most amazing experiences for me, on so many levels. I am so much more aware of my body, emotions, nature, intuition and spirituality. I have seen so many wonderful things in nature that I would have missed had I not been outside experiencing such a level of awareness. I’m amazed at how my practice can positively change my emotional state and energy level.


Are you disconnected from your passion and vitality?

Arouse your passion and body aliveness through ancient female power stances. By assuming particular body and hand positions, you tap into primordial wisdom that awakens a deep connection to your feminine power and intuition.

Feeling isolated and seeking more connection?

Spending a week with women is nurturing and transformative! During our time together, you’ll feel held in a sacred circle with kindred souls creating a safe space for inner work, intimate sharing, nurturing, friendship and just plain fun! There is also plenty of time to be alone, if desired, to contemplate and recharge yourself.

This is just a glimpse of what lies in store for you during our Nourishing the Body Temple Retreat – a quick whiff of the perfume that will transform your health and your life. And there are so many other good reasons to join us!

I’m ready to Feel Alive and Juicy again!

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Why Mar de Jade?

Imagine yourself delving deeply into ancient healing practices in a beautifully designed yoga hall, crafted with local hardwood floors, bathed in natural light and fresh breezes wafting up from the ocean. It’s easy to fall into peacefulness here with the sweet smells of tropical flowers, enveloped in a deep quiet that pervades this retreat center. On some mornings, we’ll do qigong right on the beach and hopefully spot whales as we breathe in the healing qi emanating from the ocean.

The light and airy rooms are tastefully decorated with a Mexican flair of natural rock, hand painted mosaics and tropical mahogany wood finishes. Many rooms have terraces overlooking the ocean or lush tropical gardens. The ocean lulls you to sleep and jungle birds serenade you in the morning. It’s heaven!

I’m ready to nourish myself and have some fun....

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Each morning, allow the juices of the succulent tropical fruits to sweeten your mouth with each bite, as you smell the aromas of the freshly baked breads emanating from the kitchen over your morning coffee. Homemade yogurt, savory egg dishes along with their homemade mango marmalade are absolutely yummy!

Meals are served buffet style on the open air veranda overlooking the pacific ocean. Delight in vibrant crisp salads adorned with the pungent scent of herbs plucked from the organic garden. Relish the freshly caught fish from the village, grilled with fresh salsa and Mexican spices. End the evening with mango cheesecake or some delectable desert. Everyday there’s a new refreshing drink such as hibiscus or passion fruit coolers.

The kitchen staff is happy to accommodate special dietary restrictions such as allergies, vegans or vegetarians, gluten-free, dairy-free, etc. All of the raw foods are carefully disinfected and washed with purified water. Purified water is also provided for drinking.

Before dinner, the bar is a favorite hang out area for pina coladas, wine and mojitos. This is where we often gather to share our stories and get to know one another. Meander over to the beach with your drink and watch the sunset’s brilliance illuminating the sea.


Rejuvenate every morning with qigong by the ocean or in the temple. After breakfast, we gather for our morning session in the yoga sanctuary. We’ll learn a women’s qigong form that will help you revitalize your whole body to feel both relaxed and energized. You will awaken the healer within so by the end of the week you can gather and direct your own energy for self-healing, increased vitality and inner aliveness.

In the afternoons, we’ll explore internal alchemy, a guided meditation to nourish your organs, balance the hormones, and revitalize your sexuality/sensuality. Feel juicy again!

You will reclaim your female power through an ancient feminine shamanic practice to develop strength, power and awaken the inner wise woman. These techniques use archetypal ecstatic body stances to illicit the aspects of the divine feminine.

We will explore the energy body with simple partner exercises. After this retreat, you will be able to maintain your vitality and be aware of your energy field, so you no longer allow habits, people or places to drain you.

There will be plenty of free time where you may you find yourself frolicking in the sea, swinging on a hammock entranced by the sound of the waves, walking the long sandy beach, reading under the palm trees or talking with friends as you dip in the pool.

Excursions (Included)

Whale Watching

These humpback whales come here to give birth to their young in the spectacular Chacala Bay and along the Nayarit coast.

This is my favorite attraction in Mexico at this time of year. The mothers are traveling with their babies and it’s magical. In Mexico, the captains get close to the whales, unlike the distance required in the US and Canada. I actually kissed a baby whale one year as it came up to our boat and hung out with us for about 45 minutes.

During the week, we’ll learn how to use our energy center to call in the whales (or whatever you want to manifest in your life), and we’ll connect with their energy field to open our chakras and 3rd eye.

Optional Excursions / Activities (Additional Fees)

Mar de Jade Spa

There is a beautiful spa, hot tubs and sauna at Mar de Jade with fantastic body workers. Make sure you sign up for a massage or treatment during your retreat.

Snorkeing Isla Coral (Coral Island) and Isla Cangrejo (Crab Island)

These islands are part of an ecological reserve and are located just south of Chacala. The clear turquoise waters are stunning and perfect for snorkeling. Along the coral, you will see colorful fish, starfish, sea turtles, stingrays and other aquatic life. The natural habitat includes a wide variety of flora and fauna, including blue-footed boobies, pelicans, seagulls and other birds.

Altavista Petroglyphs

Visit a prehispanic ritual site set in the jungle with stone engravings that date back thousands of years. This site is still used for ceremonies by the Huicholes.

Temescal: Traditional Mexican sweat lodge (on site)

• Guided Hiking
• Kayaking
• Horseback riding
• Boat tour through a mangrove full of exotic birds and wildlife
• Tour their Organic Farm.
• La Peñita (Traditional Mexican market)
• Visit nearby beach towns, each with its distinct flavor (Sayulita, San Pancho…)

By the end of this retreat, you will…

Be revitalized by a daily qigong practice to sustain you at home.

Discover your energy body and how to use it for manifesting in your life.

Leave nourished by a deep soulful awareness/appreciation of your body.

Be held by a new circle of women friends.

What’s Included

  • 6 nights of double occupancy rooms at Mar de Jade Retreat Center.
  • All meals with delicious local and mostly organic ingredients.
  • Transportation to Mar de Jade from Puerta Vallarta airport: during scheduled van pick ups only.
  • Daily instruction in qigong, shamanic and energy techniques.
  • Whale watching excursion.

What’s Not Included

  • Roundtrip airfare to/from Puerto Vallarta
  • Massage and spa treatments
  • Transportation from the airport if you miss the van pickup
  • Wine and extra beverages if desired
  • Private intuitive & healing sessions with Deborah
  • Optional excursions

Your Guide

deborah-poses-smDeborah Davis

For the past thirty years, I have been a practitioner of alternative medicine as an acupuncturist, medical intuitive, herbalist and qigong teacher. I authored Women’s Qigong for Health & Longevity, and 4 qigong DVD’s on women’s health.

I became aware of my psychic abilities with my recurrent prophetic dreams when I was very young, which began my lifetime quest into spirituality and healing. I’ve studied with shamans, healers and spiritual masters from around the world.

I believe energetic healing is the medicine of the future, where we can heal in the quantum matrix. I have witnessed this in my qigong clinic where patients were on their deathbed, and within months were healed through simple qigong exercises.

My passion is to teach others how they can harness their own healing potential. My specialty is women’s qigong and intuitive healing that can empower women to both prevent and heal disease, so they can lead healthy, vital and empowered lives.


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