Women’s Qigong

“Women’s Qigong for Health and Longevity is loaded with practical, effective, and transformational information and practices to help all midlife women maintain vibrant health.”

Dr. Christiane Northrup, Author of Goddesses Never Age

Women’s Qigong is a system of self-healing and empowerment comprised of breath-movement-stances-self massage and sexual practices that were designed for a woman’s body and soul. The re-emergence of qigong’s ancient healing methods is particularly relevant for women for maintaining agility and grace as we age and maintaining youthful vitality and sensuality.

In qigong, women have a different energy center than men called the Uterine Palace which is right above the pubic bone. Through activating this area, women can heal reproductive issues, slow the decline of hormones, relieve cramps and PMS, awaken their sexuality and libido and moisten the vagina. It’s a powerful vortex of unawakened potential!

With only a 15-30-minute daily practice, you can learn how to heal yourself as well as increase vitality, slow aging, regulate hormones, and maintain inner balance and well-being!

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