Sexuality Coaching & Classes

Are you ready to feel alive in your sensuality and pleasure, nourished by renewed vitality, creativity, and self-love?

“I took the first version of this amazing course in person with Deborah in 2019. I learned so much! At the time I had just left a 30 year marriage and really needed to rediscover my sexuality- to just feel something again! I am taking it again not only as a refresher but because I have changed. I am in a new relationship, I know more, and I think I will get even more out of the wisdom and practice that Deborah so elegantly, and wittily shares. I can’t wait to be in the company of the incredible women that Deborah draws and to deepen my understanding and experience of my sensuality as I age into this next decade (60 in September!)”

– Jennifer

Daoist Sexual Qigong & Sensuality Coaching & Classes

Do you have a deep yearning to connect intimately with your partner and yourself but feel disinterested in sex?

Are you experiencing too much pain in intercourse and dread the idea of sex?

Have you lost your sensual magnetism as you age?

Learn to reawaken your passionate body and ecstatic sexual expression for a deeper appreciation of your body, whether you’re alone or in relationship. Come into the tender intimacy of self-love which will blossom into more pleasure, confidence and a more fulfilling partnership.

Using qigong, ecstatic breath, self-massage, uterine palace breathing and guided visualizations, you will become intimate with your own body to heal old wounds and get in touch with your true desires for increased sexual pleasure. Align your heart, soul and sex for deeper expression of love whether solo or in partnership.

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