Hello all,

Welcome to the resurrection of my blog. I’d like to begin again with a “Qigong Qong” to prepare us for the holiday season. A gong is 100 days of consecutive practice without missing a day. Traditionally if you miss a day, you need to start over again at the beginning. Since the holidays are stressful enough, I suggest you be more lenient with your practice and give yourself some leeway. I’ve decided to do a self-nurturing gong which will include qigong, healthy and alive food, rest, exercise, fun and creativity.

New DVDs

For the past 5 months, I’ve been engrossed in producing three new DVD’s. It’s always more work and time than anticipated. I’ve been too obsessed and it wasn’t until someone called me a workaholic that I realized I was in denial. I haven’t done anything fun in awhile and incessant cleaning has absorbed my days off–not just my house but my huge barn, garden etc. Really I could have waited until spring but I’ve had this intense desire to clear out clutter, create order and simplify.

What Does Self-Care Mean To You?

So take some time and contemplate what self-care means to you. I’d like to hear your responses. For me it’s allowing time to rest (without feeling guilty) and to do some fun things like dance salsa again, set up my glass studio to create jewelry or go back to glass blowing and take more time to hang out with friends.

Creating a self-care gong now will help you deal with the holidays. I also sense that many people, like elderly parents, will choose to leave the planet around December so having an established practice will help you cope with loss, change and family. If you have a routine and are committed to nurturing yourself daily, it’s easier to stay centered with more resilience, compassion and patience during this often chaotic season.

I’d love to hear what your self-care gong will be, including your qigong practice. Please respond to this blog so we can share ideas and inspirations from one another to help support our journey in this time of year.

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