[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As a qigong practitioner and healer, I sincerely am not concerned about contracting the virus nor should you if you’re taking care of your body daily. We are at a threshold which is calling for all of humanity to change the dysfunctional patterns in our lives and begin to understand that we are intimately connected on a global scale. Truly one person can affect the health of many systems as seen in this virus (and witnessed last year more positively by the activism of one teenager, Greta Thunberg,  to change our awareness on global warming).

The mythologist and storyteller Michael Meade recently spoke of the necessity to reframe this chaos and allow ourselves to descend into the inner world.  “The immune system of the body of humanity has been worn down through conflicts and oppression and anxiety and fear with climate and political upheaval and collapse of protective institutions. The willingness to stop and consciously descend can lead to a greater understanding of one’s life and a deeper connection to both meaning and purpose.”


A distraught friend moaned to me yesterday,  “What do I do all day alone?” Now this is the moment that introverts can shine!

Being one who loves alone time, I am so excited to have these next few weeks to relish in my internal world. I invite you to explore deeper questions of purpose in your life, meditate, do qigong, yoga, read those books you’ve stuffed on your shelves for years. I’m playing with art, doing pottery, writing, learning Spanish and spending quiet time in nature.

If you’re quarantined with your partner, nurture each other with massage, deep conversations, sex and pleasure.  It’s also a wonderful time to bond with family creating fun adventures, games, and cook together.

Just because the gyms are closed, it doesn’t mean you have to sit on the couch in lassitude. The natural world abounds and we’re coming into spring in the northern hemisphere so get out in your garden and connect with the earth. Let your creativity and intuition lead you to new avenues of expression instead of becoming absorbed into the drama or swallowed by the computer and Netflix.

Keeping Your Immune System Strong

Here are some tips for keeping your immune system strong:

Vitamin C: Take orally to keep your immunity high. Chinese hospitals are now doing studies where they are actually turning around the coronavirus with high doses of Vitamin C intravenously. If your immune system is suppressed, I would suggest going to your naturopath or functional medical doctor for Vitamin C or Meyer’s cocktail infusions. This is believed to be 10x more effective than taking Vitamin C orally. Vitamin C is used both as a prophylactic and treatment for viruses.

Vitamin D: Most of us are deficient in Vitamin D so it’s really important to take this daily since it forms the foundation for immune response. Even if you’re outside in the sun often, you may be deficient so have your levels checked and include this in your daily regimen.

Zinc: This is essential for immune health and to keep viruses at bay.

N-Acetyl Cysteine or Alpha Lipoic Acid: These are both important antioxidants which can alleviate lung damage due to oxidative stress. As this virus attacks the respiratory system, either one of these supplements is an important protective adjunct, especially if your lungs are weak.

Astragalus/ Codonopis: For decades I have used these two important Chinese tonic herbs extensively in my practice. Astragalus is a tonic to the lungs and research has revealed its antiviral properties and effectiveness against infections, influenza and many lung diseases. I use both of these plants with patients who are immuno-compromised to build their vitality, digestion and overall immune system. This combo as a tea is especially effective for patients during chemotherapy to diminish nausea, build appetite and energy reserves.

Olive Leaf and Oregano Oil: I use both of these interchangeably for their antiviral and antimicrobial effects.

Reishi and other medicinal mushrooms: You can find medicinal mushroom combinations in capsules now and there are many formulas available for increasing your immune system and to promote longevity. Reishi also helps alleviate “hamster mind” when you’re going around in circles with fear about the virus.

Chuan Xin Lian: If you do get sick and it affects your respiratory system take the Chinese formula Chuan Xin Lian. This is considered a “cold” remedy in Chinese medicine since it clears heat very effectively from the respiratory system. You only want to take it for less than a week to clear out the infection as it is hard on the digestive system. Also add Echinacea and Osha root tinctures to boost immunity and lung capacity.



As a final note, remember that up to 90% of illnesses come from stress. Stress hormones compromise the immune system and wear down your vitality and kidney/adrenal qi. The media and government are spreading fear and it’s only going to get worse before it subsides. So, I’m not saying that this isn’t a serious problem, but fear will not help us heal and will only compromise the healing capacity and qi of our organ systems. We need to take care of ourselves and others, practice social distancing now, but remember you get to choose how to respond. Are you eating well and doing a daily qigong practice? Can you begin new patterns of well-being during this time and share it with your loved ones? As the biologist Bruce Lipton wrote, “Consciousness is creating your life experiences! Are you being conscious of disease … or of health?”


Here’s a meditation clip to help your relax and heal your organs from my Wise Woman Qigong DVD ( good for all genders).

Video Meditation from Wise Woman

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