The new year begins Feb 1 with the new moon in Aquarius. We have left the plodding methodical year of the metal ox which, as you reflect back on it, not much happened. Ox’s are known to plow the fields and create foundations for growth but are not expressive or dynamic animals. And now we have the opposite energies pouncing in with the tiger year.

I’m not an astrologer but my intuition is that this year will be one of bold actions, dynamic shifts and unexpected changes. The tiger is fierce, dynamic, powerful and strong.  It can be lying quietly and then pounce on its’ prey without warning. The qi of the year will be one of forward movement, sudden change, upheaval along with some restlessness and rebellion. As we’ve been enclosed in our homes for the last 2 years, our stagnant liver qi will need to spring forward and outward, and can no longer be contained, and of course this will manifest in many ways. People will resist restrictions, there will be more geopolitical tensions and possibility of war, yet also there is the potential for major collective shifts and the birthing of innovations to heal our world. The opportunity for spiritual awakening is heightened, and we will have to move above the fray of the worldly chaos to seek our own passionate expression and connection to the divine and each other.

Since it’s a water year, there will be more emotions and drama. The liver energies of anger, depression and frustration will dominate so establish a solid qigong and meditation or nature practice as we go forth into this new year of dramatic change and unpredictability. It’s important to not be stagnant: move your body, shift old paradigms, heal ancestral wounds. There’s a lot of qi in this year for major change so utilize it to your advantage.

You can use this energy to make bold shifts, pursue adventures you’ve only dreamed of, have a passionate love affair, sell your belongings and move to another country, and do projects that you’ve longed to do for years. Use this energy to propel you forward. Ride the tiger instead of being eaten by it!

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