Happy New Year of the Fire Rooster!

The new year is an auspicious time to begin a qigong gong. Traditionally, a gong is 100 days of consecutive practice without missing a day. Since I feel we need more gentleness right now in the world, I suggest that you create an intention for a month. Let’s keep it simple; there’s enough going on in the energy field these days! Create a plan that you can easily commit to such as 15 minutes of qigong daily, or pick one stance to practice. Stances are the most potent for building your energy, and will increase your immunity, mental focus and strength. I would suggest including some liver qigong since we’re approaching spring, the time of the liver.

I am committing to some liver and snake qigong daily and will begin tomorrow Feb 6th. Please comment with your own intentions, questions, challenges or experiences during this month. Tune in and listen to what your body is calling for now. Perhaps it’s to meditate daily or walk outside and revitalize with fresh air. Do you want to practice more patience or speak up for yourself ? Pick something that resonates with your body and soul. Listen and follow your inner guidance. Happy new year everyone. It should be quieter than last monkey year but still full of fire!


Deborah Davis   deborahdavis.com

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